Project Services

A tailored approach to projects big or small. A streamlined delivery model to ensure adoption with minimal disruption.

1. Initial Consultation

  • Initial Consultation
  • Understand how we can help. What are the requirements?
  • Complete Adoption Report – Understand the existing IT environment:
    • Hardware/Software​
    • Servers & components
    • Network, bandwidth & security features assessment

2. Pre-Project

  • Recommend approach based on Adoption Report
  • Confirm subscriptions & licences
  • Agree scope, timeline & tracking tools
  • Set out success criteria
  • Complete Impact Assessment:
    • Users impacted
    • Training requirements
    • Dependencies & constraints
  • Complete and share Communication Plan
  • Outline Implementation Plan

3. Implementation

  • Investigate/fix any potential blockers e.g Active Directory, network performance etc.
  • Complete environment configuration and any customisation
  • Define end-user Training Plan

4. Change Management

  • Complete technical documentation
  • Complete end-user training and workshops
  • Implement escalation channels for feedback/questions

5. Handover

  • Share technical documentation
  • Provide admin training / workshops to IT personnel
  • Define and confirm support plan

Whatever you need, we are here to help. Contact Wilson-Etheridge today with your project requirements.